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Grades 7-8:




Mom's, in many homes you carry the keys to the family calendar and you're the glue holding the family together. If attending events where your family can grow in their relationship with God is a priority for you, it will be a priority for your family.  If a relationship with God isn't important to you it won't be for your family.

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If there was ever a time when teens need a personal relationship with God to guide them, it's today.  That doesn't happen if we don't lead them to places where they can encounter God personally as Catholics.  YDisciple and the Steubenville Youth Conference are those places at St. Andrew Church.  

Get your children involved in these great programs.  And more importantly, get involved yourself!  

Helping families find faith!

Can a child really have a personal relationship with God that impacts his or her life positively?  At St. Andrew, we know from experience that the answer is 'yes!'  That's why Faith for Life comes alongside of the Religious Education and St. Andrew School Programs to support parents in faith while they support their children in faith! Parents, you are the difference makers in the faith of your children.  But don't worry -- we're here to help!

“I really love going to my YDisciple group.  I finally have a place where I can just be myself!”

A St. Andrew Teen


YDisciple + Steubenville

Did you know that 73% of children who now live their faith as adults say they had fathers who inspired them? Statistically, the single greatest influence on a child's faith is his or her father's faith. St. Andrew Dads, let's rise to the occasion for our kids!  Let's lead our families well by being led by Christ personally.  

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Rel Ed. and School

Don't let your child miss out on the experience of Youth Ministry! Designed for both Catholic and Public School children, Edge is an amazing opportunity to expose your child to youth ministry experiences that simply can't happen in a classroom! With an emphasis on discussion, fun, and faith sharing in a safe and affirming environment, Edge is the perfect next step after Confirmation!